Sunday, July 20, 2008

just some stuff

Check this out.... That's all.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crazy Kids

It is about time for a new post. So this is me.

Or at least what my niece and nephew think I look like. This whole post actually started from this portrait. Sarah and Carter kept running down the hall at Emity's house, looking at me, then running back down the hall. I asked what they were doing and they were looking at me to see what clothes I was wearing and what color my eyes were to make this portrait. Isn't it a great likeness?

After taking a picture of the portrait, I took one of the two of them standing with it.

Then even took a video of Sarah explaining it all to me.

As you can see, it does, in fact, look just like me. My sleeves often come out of my face and my cheeks have that lovely black tint to them. It's probably the best picture I've ever seen! My favorite part is my curly hair. Kids are so great.

After I took the video, Sarah and Carter both wanted a picture of them with pictures they drew of themselves. Who am I to not oblige?

As you can see, Sarah was very proud to have helped Carter draw a picture of her.

And Carter was so excited to be on camera!

After the pictures, the kids went out to the back yard to swing. They got freaked out by a couple wasps, then found out there was a wasp nest in the top of the swing set. So naturally, we had to set fire to it. Darren got some WD-40 and a lighter and took care of it.

Pretty sweet, huh? Sarah wanted me to take another video of her after Darren had burned up the nest, so here are the kids in the window, watching the whole thing go down.

Because we had pretty much pissed off all the wasps, we decided that the front yard would be a better place to play. The kids again wanted me to take videos of them. Here is Sarah's turn jump. It's pretty Awesome.

And here are Carter and Shelby. After Sarah and Carter jumped, Shelby wanted to get in on the action. She jumped down and pretended to totally eat it on the landing. It was pretty funny.

While I don't have pictures or video of the rest, we kept playing in the front yard. I had a different trick for each kid that mostly consisted of throwing them around in the air. Sarah made sure we showed the whole family each trick. Once they had showed off how they can fly in the air with the help of their uncle, playing with the nieces and nephew ended the only way it can. They dog piled the crap out of me. My nieces and nephew are pretty awesome.