Saturday, May 19, 2012


I'm out of shape, don't want to be, but have been lacking the motivation for the past few weeks (in spite of being in a weight-loss/healthy-lifestyle competition where I am going to lose money). Then, a work friend of mine told me she, too, was lacking motivation, so we started motivating each other. She had also figured out a way to bring her laptop to her treadmill, and I might try that out. We both work from home, so getting those 10,000 daily steps you need each day gets difficult.

During this conversation with the work friend, I texted Hayley and said, "my goal is to get 20,000 steps tomorrow." That might have been a little ambitious. Then, I challenged my work friend to see which of us could get the most steps this weekend. (We both have a FitBit, so we track our steps and other stuff. The FitBit is pretty cool. Ask me questions about it.) Then she told me she usually gets like 12,000 with her run on Saturday, since she's training for a marathon. So my challenge to her might also have been a little ambitious. Luckily, there were no monetary or other types of wagers, just the challenge.

After texting Hayley and making the challenge, I had a tiny panic attack, wondering what I had just done to myself. I have trouble getting to my daily 10,000, how was I going to do this? Then, I got over that quick, and decided that I'd add walking into the already planned activities of the day. While Mikey napped in the morning, I would get on the treadmill and stay there until he woke up. I would walk and hike while we were up the canyon with Hayley's parents and nieces and nephew. I would walk to the movie theater for the move we were going to. And finally, when we got home, I walked to the mailbox (down a half a block or so). And I did it! I was on my way back to our house when I reached 20,000 steps. See?

I almost didn't do the walk to the mailbox because I had a couple new blisters, my feet were tired, and... ... ...I was chafing a little. But I did, and I'm glad. And in spite of those blisters, I'm still going to walk to and from church tomorrow. I'm gonna win my little bet with the marathon trainer if it kills me. Also, I really just needed some motivation, and getting to 20,000 steps, while not a big deal for some, was a huge deal for me. Here's hoping the motivation stays!