Friday, February 15, 2013

"Lookit my eyes..."

There may be a "quick tip" post coming after this one about being careful what you say in front of kids...

A couple days ago, I was getting Mikey ready for bed, as I am wont to do every night, and while getting his diaper changed, he started scratching his leg near his bum. The kid has very sensitive skin and was on the tail end (pun intended) of getting over some bad diaper rash. I told him again to stop scratching, and when he didn't stop, I moved his hand away from his bum to make him stop scratching. Not an uncommon occurrence.  But then, he piped up in his own defense. This was a couple days ago so this is my best recollection, but our conversation went something like this:
Mikey: No! Dadda, no touch my hand
Me: (offhandedly) Ok
Mikey: No touch my hand, Dadda, that's naughty
Me: (with a smile at the irony) Ok, buddy
Mikey: Dada, lookit, my eyes
Me (smiling still, but trying to give him the amount of seriousness he's asking for, I get in real close, so we're locked eye to eye) Yes, Mikey?
Mikey: Dadda, no hit my hand. No hit it. That's naughty, ok? Lookit my eyes.
Me: Ok, Mikey. I just don't want you to scratch and hurt your bum
Mikey: Ok Dadda
Then we went on with the nighttime routine. Kids listen to the stuff you say. When I'm being serious and want him to really listen, I tell him to look at my eyes. He not only understands the words and instruction to physically look at my eyes, he understands the context, and how to use the same context himself. This kid.

And don't worry everyone. I'm doing better at swatting his hand away from scratching, and trying to use my words more. He taught me my lesson.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby announcements and parodies

So here's our birth announcement thinger for Henry:

Pretty cute, huh? Well, he has an uncle who likes to give nicknames to nieces and nephews (and really anyone else), and since we've got a baby Henry whose mom's maiden name is Jones, Henry's nickname from Jared so far has been Indiana. 

Jared just sent us this new and improved version of Henry's birth announcement.

I think he looks pretty sharp in the hat.