Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm such a loser

Ok, I haven't really haven't said a whole lot (on my blog) about how I'm doing on my biggest loser competition. I'm sort of looking at it as an investment in weight loss. So how's my investment going?

I've lost 49.2 pounds.

That's right. And this week was a great week. This week alone I lost 7.4 pounds. Some of you might know from my facebook status that I've added P90X to my repertoire. Between that and Weight Watchers, I think I've got a great shot at winning my biggest loser contest!

So that's the update. Keep rootin' for me!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The near death of a salesman...

This week has been a very busy week of work and a very cruddy one. I'm about ready to kill a sales rep. And his manager. Could they save just a few more GIGANTIC details for the last minute? Maybe ignore the project just a little longer, then tell me we need to change every graphic I've used so far? Or even add a huge graphics project that also takes the graphic designer and the marketing manager's time, then give me the assignment to write a description about it? Even though it's not finalized? Yeah, I can do that. And that ain't the half of it. sonsa bitches...

Things have been so stressful, I've even resorted to listening to Classic 89.1 on the drive home to calm down about it.

But today when I got to Hayley's, all that bull got swept away when she kissed me. I'll tell ya, that stinkin' sales rep and his manager don't even know how lucky they are. If Hayley wasn't there to calm me down, I might just kill them. With my bare hands.

Ok, I know all the crap I have to do tomorrow hasn't magically disappeared, and I'll still have to get it all done by Friday, it's still nice to come home (...while it's not my house just yet, it's still home) to someone who helps me calm the freak down and feel ready to take on the next day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our (faux) wedding announcements

Ok, obviously Jared has too much time on his hands. While I'm impressed with the photoshop skills (...probably illustrator skills, right?), it's still funny that you'd find time to put this together.

Everyone, I'd like to show you the wedding announcements we'd use if Jared was in charge.

Oh, and for the record, our cars are silver, not gold. Sheesh, get it right.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I ate a snack and I liked it...

Ok, I should start off by saying that I sorta like that "I kissed a Girl" song by Katy Perry. I know I probably shouldn't, but I do... sorta. I like even more that Hayley once misquoted the lyrics once and said, "...the taste of her cherry lip balm" instead of chapstick. I don't think I've let her live it down. :-)

But that said, I don't mind making fun of the song either. And SNL has done it. Check out this video, which includes, "The Less Provocative Songs of Katy Perry."

I think my favorite is "I Have a Pen."

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally finished!

I don't usually resort to crazy sized fonts, but here goes... my house is finally done!!!!

I'm pretty excited about it. The city has inspected and it's no longer condemned. Sweet, huh? I had my final walk through today. There were a couple of things that need to be fixed, but they'll get that done. They apparently broke one of the lights on the fan in my living room, so they're going to replace that. That means I've got new paint all over, new carpet all over, new fire detectors, and now a new light fixture in the living room. Pretty sweet.

They also have to fix a light in the master bedroom and do some touch up painting. The contractors should be out of my hair entirely by Tuesday or Wednesday next week. My money is on Wednesday, with how long everything has taken, but that's still ok. I'm going to move back in to my place this weekend!!! I'm pretty excited about it. Hopefully the curse of conference weekend bad weather won't be severe enough that I can't get my stuff back in. I'll post pictures and stuff of the new paint and carpet later.

Oh, and thanks Jared and Liz for letting me crash at your place for so long! I'm sure you'll be happy to be rid of me. :-)