Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forgive me, Lord...

Ok, so you know how in the old Batman series, Robin would always say, "Holy evil doers, Batman!!" Or "Holy Bill of Rights, Batman!!" Don't believe me? Check this out.

Anyway, I've sorta picked up that little character trait. I'm sure I'm not the only one. For example, I'll say, "Holy tortilla strips!!" if they give me a ton of chips on my salad at Cafe Rio. And so on.

Well, that habit got me in a little trouble today. Hayley and I went to Costco to do some grocery shopping and there was a new section in the front of the store full of art and paintings. Well, lots of them were religious pictures. Featuring Jesus. So without thinking, I said, "Holy Jesus!" and Hayley hit me in the arm. Rightly so. She then proceeded to tell me that there aren't many explicit commandments, but there have been 10 specific ones that have been around for a while, and I should probably learn to keep at least those. So I'm sorry and I slipped! ...thus, the title of this post. .......but now I'm wondering if sharing the story with the whole wide interwebs because I think it is kinda funny is appropriate or not... again, forgive me, Lord.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I love my wife!!!!

We're back from the honeymoon and have even completed almost a full week back in the real world, too. I'm just loving being married. Mostly, I just love being married to Hayley. She is everything to me. She is so sweet to me, loves me so much, makes me so happy, and I love her. I love being with her, I love laughing with her, I love how much fun we have, I love making goals with her, and all the time I get to be with her now! She even picked up my clothes from the bathroom floor for me yesterday. Heaven knows I'm not the best at picking up clothes! I'm working on it, though. I tried to return the favor by putting away the dishes that were in the dish washer and putting together her lunch for school. Just those little things make me stop and catch myself and realize how awesome it is that I'm married! My wife does little things for me and I do little things for her. I have just sat in wonder at how blessed I feel, being in our home and starting our own family. It's the best. Hayley, I just love you!

If you read this blog, you probably read Hayley's, too. She has blogged a few times and posted some pictures. I know my bloggy blog has been without actual pictures for a while, so here's a few from the wedding day. I'll try not to post repeats!

There ya have it. It was a great day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Been a little busy...

I haven't blogged in a while... can ya blame me?? I've been a little busy. Last minute changes to plans, little errands here and there (...I still don't know the difference between tights and nylons...), and general excitement about Saturday. I'm getting MARRIED on Saturday!!!!!

This weekend was pretty nice. Wedding plans are falling into place. I got to spend Sunday evening with my family and my nieces and nephew, and the ones that didn't make it to the family FHE, Hayley babysat Friday night and Saturday. It was really nice to see them all.

The highlight, though, was Sunday. We had our interviews with the Stake President. We got our sealing recommend before Christmas break, but because we were out of town, we had to schedule it after the break. But talking to the Stake President was awesome. He even got teary while talking to us. He said he could really tell that Hayley and I had the right perspective and that we are truly happy. I feel so lucky every day to have found Hayley. She's so perfect for me. I will always strive be the husband and father she deserves, and I know she'll be a great wife and mother. The Stake President reminded us about the eternal nature of families and the importance of marriage. It really hit me then how close we are to forming our very own family. I feel so lucky and so excited! I just love Hayley so much!

So that's why I haven't been blogging lately. If I'm not doing wedding-type stuff, I'm with Hayley, and I'd rather sit with her and talk, play games, watch movies, make dinner, make goals, or whatever. Blogging, Facebook, and email have suffered a little. Sue me. And I might not blog for another few weeks. But I think you'll all survive.