Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maybe we're ALL a bit narcissistic

So I was listening to the radio today, and the song "Good Life" by Onerepublic came on. I like the song, and it has even made it onto a CD of favorites that is currently in the car. So I continue listening, singing along because I'm alone in the car and can shout at the top of my lungs, and it gets to this part:
To my friends in New York, I say hello
My friends in L.A., they don't know
Where I've been for the past few years or so....
and so on. Well, to my surprise, some of the lyrics were changed. Instead, it goes like this:
To my friends in New York, I say hello
My friends in UTAH, they don't know
Where I've been for the past few years or so...
and so on. I don't know if you noticed the subtle difference.

It's like, all us folks listening in Utah are supposed to look at each other with super excited grins, saying "Hey, hheeeeeeyyyyy, HEY! Yeah, yeah yeah!! YEAH!" to each other while nodding our heads like this is the greatest thing that ever happened.

Look, I know Utah is not really going to be so inspiring to the likes of Onerepublic that it will get a melodic shout out. Maybe by the Beach Boys, sure. But not Onerepublic. There are LOTS of places that don't get shoutouts. New York, Los Angeles, Paris, etc., sure, they get mentioned. Those of us in other towns don't really take offense to not being mentioned by mainstream musicians. But are we gullible enough and narcissistic enough to really be excited when bands change the lyrics to songs to make us feel like they really love us?
Welcome to the hotel, Arizona!
Just a city boy, born and raised in South Houston
I left my heart in Springfield
Come on. Those aren't the lyrics and we know it, and I find the changes annoying. Just leave it as is. Onerepublic (or maybe the DJs that changed the lyrics), I know you don't have any friends in Utah. But we'll listen to your music. It's still good without mention of salty lakes, snow, or canyon lands. You don't have to fake it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A bit narcissistic?

I don't know how it happened, but somehow I "followed" my own blog. It's the only blog listed on my profile as a blog I follow, even though there are over 100 blogs in my google reader--and this somehow made a "blogs I'm following" folder in my reader, too. I don't want my own blog listed as a followed blog on my profile! Nor do I want this extra folder in reader. Anyone know how to remove it?

Friday, June 17, 2011

So mad!!

Mikey gets so mad sometimes! Not really, it's like he's playing at yelling. Because we'll both laugh, and he keeps doing it. Hayley posted some pictures of how mad he gets. I recorded this video and started asking his opinion on a few things. Seems like between the GOP depates [sic], the state of the economy, and potholes, the thing that gets Mikey most riled up is potholes. Take a look. (And please excuse the camera work. I was holding the camera away from him, so he'd still look at me or Hayley, and it went a little off to the side at times.)