Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Mikey is pretty good at stuff. He's even gotten pretty good at picking up little pieces of spaghetti that we give him for dinner, so I wanted to see how he'd do with a bowl of it. He really likes spaghetti. And this kid has never tasted anything but whole wheat, so hopefully we can just keep that trend going.

You may notice that he doesn't get quite so red as you might think a baby playing with spaghetti and sauce might. That's because I make our sauce with canned or bottled tomatoes. It's still messy, but doesn't stain so bad. You'll see him dig right in to eat, then start to realize this could be a toy. He makes piles to his left, swings it into his eye. It's all good fun

Also, I hate my voice.

I don't get it

So, I read Mindy Kaling's book, and it's funny for sure, but as I finished the book last night, one of the final chapters had this sentence in it:
I love shopping and fashion, as anyone who has read more than a paragraph of this book will know.
And she's right, she has mentioned fashion a bunch in her book. I don't know why, but lately, I've been aware that people talk about fashion. it's been in a couple books I've read that were written by famous people, and on a few TV shows, I think. The thing is, I don't get how anyone can love fashion. I'm not saying this in the same way my oldest sister would say, "I don't get how anyone can love pickles." She means pickles are gross, vile, and she could never love them. I'm not saying fashion is gross, vile, and no one could ever love it, I'm saying I genuinely don't understand how it is a thing people can love. I truly don't understand how one might love it.

Do fashion lovers discuss pleats and shoulder pads? With whom do they discuss said pleats and shoulder pads? Girlfriends? Designers? Maybe that's the kicker right there. It's a rich person thing, and I've never been rich, don't think I'll ever be rich, and can't fathom the type of things you will obsess over when you don't have to worry if you have enough money for milk this week. But that said--and realizing I will never quite understand it because I'll never be in a position where I'll have the time and money to try to understand it--how is loving fashion different than loving clothes, or liking to look nice or fancy? I know people who love clothes, and people who like to look fancy. But does that mean they love fashion? ...maybe, I don't know.

I do know that I don't "love fashion," (in quotes because I'm still not sure if it's a thing) but I don't like to dress like a slob... at least not in public. But from reading the whole of Mindy's book, she's fine with wearing old T-shirts and sweat pants (also known as yoga pants for women) in her home, or sometimes to work. So what does this even mean? To me, it's like a cook saying, "I love ingredients." ...uh... don't you just love cooking? Or flavors, maybe? Maybe it's just a way for rich people who think they're more enlightened than me to let me know they think they're better than me.

And in the words of Happy Gilmore, "You think you're better than me?!?!"

Monday, February 6, 2012


The other night I got to go to a little get-together with some old friends from the singles ward. It was fun to catch up, talk for a bit, and see how everyone is doing. When you're single until nearly 30, you don't imagine the types of get-togethers where there are mostly married folks, and most of them have a kid or two. I also thought it was funny how much everyone talked about how they feel like they sort of know what's going with each other, because, while none of use comments like we used to, everyone still reads everyone else's blog.

I read yours. Yes, yours. and I never comment (I'm blaming some of that on Google reader), but it's nice to see what's up with you. And from that get-together, I'm guessing most of you still read mine. So hi. Hope you're well!