Monday, April 12, 2010

Room for rent

Hiya folks. So I've got a condo that needs some decent people to live in it. The place is three bedrooms, two bath, ground floor, free cable, close to the pool and laundromat. We would like to find good renters from people we know or referrals from people we know. That way, the place won't be trashed, and we'll all have a relatively good experience. Please, ask your friends and family. If they're looking for a place to rent, please point them my direction. Leave a comment and I'll get you the details.

Here's hopin' this interwebs works for us!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Side effects of the new job

  • I am not shaving as often. This is probably not great. It makes my sensitive skin all the more irritated when I do shave. But working at home means I don't have to shave because the boss doesn't really see me...
  • I feel like a tech geek. I now have a phone, an iPod touch, and a BlackBerry that I cary around all the time. Gets a little bulky. 
  • I have a SkyMiles account. It's not building up as fast as some of my coworkers, but someday I might get a free airline ticket out of it.
  • I eat lunch from home most days. This isn't new, but it is kinda fun to watch a TV show during lunch on my couch at home, and I don't have to work out drive time nto my lunch break. That, or I just eat at my desk.
  • I don't fill my car with gas as often. That's also because I don't drive my car much. Because Hayley is still working (back on track today. Sorry, babe.), I don't park in the driveway so she can get her car out in the morning. That means when we go anywhere together, we usually take her car beause it's in the driveway.
  • My sleep is ridden with stuff from work. I don't love that, but I'm sure it'll stop. Once I sorta get the hang of things. I hope that's sooner than later.
  • I don't check my personal email, facebook, write blog posts, comment on blogs, or do much else on the internet. I spend enough time on a computer these days, I just don't want to spend more. So sorry if I haven't been very accessible lately. I'll try harder. Maybe.
There, a new blog post for you. Can't say I'll pick up on blogging much, but I'll try.