Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The definition of insanity

A couple of weeks ago, I had plans for two get-togethers at my place. One was to enjoy LOST, the other to watch a movie. To advertise, I sent out a mass email and a mass text. I have used these methods to recruit people to attend various other events, and have found them to be quite ineffective. But I still used them.

And the grand total attending my LOST party: Three, including me. (Thanks for coming Tiffany and Katey! You guys are great. And don't even worry about the spill, it's completely gone. I don't think my roommates even know anything happened.)

The grand total attending movie night: Three, including me. (Thanks for coming Emma and Jenni! The company was even better than the smoothies!!)

So why do I keep using this method to get people to come to crap? It obviously doesn't work, and you inevitably get people whining about how they didn't get the opportunity to ignore your invite. So not only is your party poorly attended, you've lost some friends. I understand that the content and purpose of the get-together is of key importance (some may not endure David Bowie in tights, awe-inspiring eye makeup, and sweet 80s hair, even if Jennifer Connelley is a lifelong crush), but why won't anyone come? Any ideas? Or ideas on how I can more effectively invite people to stuff? Why didn't YOU, dear reader, come to my party? :-(


Beth said...

Dear Friend Garret. You know I would have come if I could have. It's no excuse for my poor manner in which I responded, or didn't respond in my case. That is completely on my sholders, and I'm sorry for that. It may be that people don't respond or tell you why they can't come because they feel that their responses are lame excuses. I feel that texting is a great way to get in touch with people. Trust me, you are one of the best people I know for creative get togethers and parties. I think you have a gift for that. Don't give up on us it may just have been some busy days for people.

princesaplumeria said...

First of all, I did not get said text message. And second of all, I was out of town. Both of these excuses you already know. :)

I think that calling people or inviting them in person is much more successful. But I think that reminder mass text messages are highly effective. :)

PS. We never had the follow-up party.

Robin said...

I have no advice for you, as I am not very adept in the party-planning field.
Your Lost party did sound fun, though. But I had never seen it before.

MaryKate said...

I would have come to all your parties if I lived closer but i live thousands of miles away so the commute would be a bit rough.
Labyrinth is the greatest movie btw, the hands part scared me to death when i was little! David Bowie really shines but his potato is kind of frightful.
"You remind me of the babe"
"What babe?"
"The babe of the power"

Jessica Sorensen said...

I was not invited, but I wouldn't have been able to come anyways. We are coming to Utah this summer. We will be there July 7th-July 14th we will be up your way towards the end of the week. We will have to have a get together so everyone can meet the new addition to the sorensen family.

emma said...

I also heart Lost, but I also heart dancing on bars. Sorry I couldn't make it.

caron said...

I also was out of town.
I think it just happens. people are busy, or they are so tired from a long week that they don't have the energy to be busy. Those are my usual excuses for not attending parties.
I personally do respond to text message invitations, and I use them myself. but with that and email, you just have to accept that there is a huge unknown element on the numbers that will be in attendance. It's a pain, but true.

Use the commitment pattern. :)

Katey said...

I came to one of the events and I was not "text" invited to the other event. I thinnk calling people personally and then a follow up text was a great suggestion Caron gave. I don't have any other idea's as I am not a party planner myself. Good luck in the future. :)

Wendy said...

Probably it was just bad timing. Don't feel bad. :)