Thursday, September 25, 2008

Salsa time!

I heart salsa. Last year, I even helped my sister and sister-in-law make some. I was really excited to help again this year! If you wanna know all my thoughts about salsa, you can read about last year's salsa makin'. Rather than repeat myself, I'll just show the pictures. Oh, and most of the pictures are of Madeline. Apparently, she likes to be doing whatever Liz is doing. And that was definitely in the kitchen making salsa.

These first three are with my phone.

Here's some with a real camera.

These ones are kinda artsy... Sometimes I wish I could take good photos, but I think I am more than lacking in skill, knowledge, and general ability. Oh well. Doesn't keep me from trying! I should maybe take a class or something.

Oh, and there were a couple movies.



Fun, huh? I love salsa. It's like the first signs of fall. And I'm definately ready for fall.


Tori said...

I want some....Please?!!

Jill said...

Did you leave out the Cilantro??

Beth said...

I love truly is a fall activity. I made some last night and it was delish. You might disgree seeing as it had a healthy portion of cilantro and that's just how I like it. YUM!

TheFirstWard said...

I love salsa too. On my eggs. How much do you want for a pint?

TheFirstWard said...

On second thought, maybe I should ask Madeline what she would charge me for a pint. I think I could get a better deal from her. And, from the pictures, it looks like she is in charge of the salsa anyway!

Heather said...

I made some salsa and canned it myself this year...your salsa looks great!!!! :)

Kristen said...

Yummy! Salsa is my favorite - wanna share?!!!?

JMoney said...

Hey, 'member that time when we made homemade guac? Oh man. So good.