Thursday, December 11, 2008

And the answer is: 42

By the title of this post, you can obviously discern that I'll be talking about the the universe. Maybe even "life, the universe, and everything." I don't usually just start off on rants like this, but since I've been prodded by my brother to post something more substantial than just five sentences (see comments to my previous post), I'm taking him up on his recommendations.

The sentence that we'll base this post on is as follows: Do you think that the universe is infinite or expanding exponentially? Immediately, I thought of a Time magazine article that I read in high school on this very subject. I even did a little google search to see if I could find the article, and more specifically, the graphic that I remember that illustrates a few theories on the matter. (Jared, I'm now no longer obligated to continue... I've surpassed 5 sentences... but I'll finish. But if this goes on for another 50 paragraphs, it's all your fault...)

Well, I didn't find the graphic I was looking for (I don't even think the article I linked to above is the right one), but here's a very similar graphic.

This graphic doesn't illustrate all theories, but essentially, there are two basic ideas about the universe and it's growth or aging process. Either the universe is expanding and continues to grow forever, or it will grow for a time, then begin to shrink, and a big bang-like event will take place, ending the universe or stating the cycle over. In the ever expanding universe group, some think our universe continues to expand at a steady rate, an exponential rate, or a quick rate while the universe is young, then a steady, less drastic rate as the universe is older.

What I believe isn't much based on science, I guess. If you keep reading, I'll get to why that doesn't matter. First, I'll tell you what I believe. I believe that the universe is expanding. I also believe it expands at an exponential rate. As I said, I haven't studied much to be an expert on the matter. So next, I'll tell you why I believe it.

I'm basing my conclusion on the Time magazine article I read years ago, the 30-120 seconds of internet research I just performed, and my understanding of God's plan for the universe and those that live in it. I think God is an all-powerful, all-knowing God. I believe His creations are endless. I believe that endless means He's still creating. Therefore, the universe is expanding. Further, I believe that in his plan, he's allowed for the advancement and progression of his creations, especially his children. That's us. I think he wants us to be like him. I think someday (or some time... or some eternity...) we will be. So that means the universe would not only expand, but do so exponentially AND infinitely.

Important note: I don't know much about what happens in the eternities. The most important thing is that right now, we strive to understand and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ, and try our best to be like him. Me having faith that Jesus was born of Mary, was the Son of God, died for the sins of the whole world, and rose from the grave is much more important than what I might think about the universe. So that's what I'll focus on. God's got the universe covered. I'll try not to cuss so much. And the world--nay, the universe--will be a better place.


Jared Ward said...

Outstanding work, Garrett. I couldn't agree more. When my student asked me this question (and he has a new one nearly every day), my answer was that the universe was neither infinite nor expanding exponentially, but that it was expanding infinitely. Which is really the same thing in my mind as what you were talking about, but I like to mess with the kid a little bit. Seriously though, nice job. :)

Hayley said...

i'm glad you guys aren't weird or anything like that.

and i'm really glad that you're going to try to not cuss as much. geez! ;)

TheFirstWard said...

Garrett, I agree with you both you and Jared. I'm impressed with your thought process!

Tori said...

I dare say my brothers are nerds. But that's ok, I love them both very much! My cussing story...Today was our primary program right. Well, I had to read a part for a boy who wasn't here that was written for him about his baptism in July. I messed it up and said my favorite cuss, Cheese and Crackers, over the pulpit. Ha!