Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What about MY needs?

My college buddies, Jason, Katey, and Haley have all done this post and I think it sounds fun so here it goes!

Google the phrase (including the quotes) "[your first name] needs" and write down the first 10 results. My own witty banter is provided in parentheses after each need. :)

Garrett needs to go to the hospital immediately-right this minute. (Yikes! I hope I'm ok...)
Garrett needs to get Barber going. (I guess this had something to do with the Dallas Cowboys...)
Garrett needs help to find Cobra! (... reference to the G.I. Joe movie coming out this summer, perhaps?)
Garrett needs to go.
Garrett needs at least two more years to mature as a coordinator. (Huh. My work title is Proposal Coordinator...)
Garrett needs #'s.
Garrett needs more iron in his diet. (Probably true... I'll start taking multi-vitamins in the morning again, I promise.)
Garrett needs help. (That depends on who you talk to.)
Garrett needs love. (Yep. I've got it, too. :) )
Garrett needs to say something. (I've always got something to say, so guess this is just a warning to all y'all.)

Fun. Maybe everyone should give this a try!


Hayley said...

baby, i'll give you all the love you could ever want.

there. jared - i brought skeevy pervy to the blogs.

Jason Cloud Bell said...

Love it!

tiburon said...

I can't do this one because of the darn car Tiburon.

I end up getting "Tiburon needs a new coat of paint" or "Tiburon needs racing stripes"

Or stupid stuff like that...