Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lots o' stuff

I haven't blogged in a while. I think that's partly because Hayley is better at it than me. She updates more often, posts pictures, and even edits them all cool and stuff. I guess that shouldn't mean that I don't blog, but lots of the stuff that I would blog about have already been recorded! So, rather than give repeats, I'll give links, and maybe a little commentary.

We painted our house. It looks really nice, and I'm proud of Hayley and I for doing it. We did it all together and had a blast. We would write cheesy notes to each other on the walls as we were painting, and when each room and wall was finished, we would stand back and admire our work. Hayley was a little worried about the orange wall, but she likes it now. I'm glad. I like it, too.

We got carpet. It looks great! It was nice knowing we were getting new carpet while we painting. It meant a lot less prep work. :) And every time some paint would get on the floor, I would make the lame joke, "Uh oh!!! Looks like we better get new carpet!" Hayley thought I was a big nerd. With good reason. But I like the new stuff.

I put pulls and nobs on our kitchen cabinets and drawers. I think I did a pretty good job! I built kitchen cabinets from little cabinet kits thingers for a job once, but that was really my only sort of job like that. (Unless you count the night stand I made in high school. Which I don't...) There's just one pull I need to fix...

Other than that, not much else! Work is busy, and about to get busier, but we are having another Wii contest, so that's good. It's dodgeball. And I think my chances are pretty good! I'll keep you all (all 3 of you) posted on how that goes.

How have all y'all been? What have YOU been up to?


Hayley said...

i beg to differ. i might do it more often than you, but i don't think i do it better than you. i love your take. i love your humor. you need to blog more. quit being so busy, geez! ;)

good luck on dodgeball. you know i'm rooting for you!

Tori said...

Hey, I read your blog...when you post. :)

Beth said...

Congrats on all the home renovation. I would personally like to admire your orange wall...perhaps someday when I'm cool enough to be in your presence again. Rock on at dodge ball and the such!