Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grunty McGrunterson

That is Mikey's nick-name of choice around here. When he's not Mikey or Little Dude. Other choice nick-names include:
  • Pouty McPouterson
  • Poopy McPooperson
  • Tooty McTooterson
  • Farty McFarterson (the more crude version of T. McT.)
  • Funky McFunkerson (well, mostly that just happened one time, while we were talking about his nick-names.)
  • Monkey McButterson (Thanks, Holly. Based off this post by Hayley.)
  • Lovey
  • Emo Burrito
But mostly Grunty McGrunterson. Because he really works on it when he needs to get his diaper filled.

1 comment:

Hayley said...

I like this list, it warms my heart.