Sunday, December 26, 2010

Conozco Erik Estrada

Some of you may remember this post from a while back. Well, this morning, one of my friends posted some of the lyrics to the "One Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song" so I had to go watch the video again, and of course, it was still pretty dang funny. Then I read the comments on the video, and it turns out there is a song for the second semester. And while this isn't super holiday oriented (although there is a line "Feliz Navidad con Erik Estrada"), it's still pretty funny. I know lots of folks liked the first, so here's the second!

And Kudos to Erik Estrada for being a part of this. :)

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musicgirljen said...

Just saw this post! :-) And I actually stumbled on this second semester video somewhere around the same time you posted this. I think I prefer the first one, but this one's pretty funny, too.