Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stupid ear holes...

Mikey and I have ear infections. I think I gave him the sick I got. I'm pretty sure I got it from the plane ride back from my last work trip to Austin. The day after I got home, I started getting a sore throat, started losing my voice, and got all congested. The day after I started feeling sick, Mikey started getting congested and coughing, too. Hayley started getting a little congested a couple days after that. Then last night, poor little Mikey cried for four hours. We're new at this, so we didn't take him right to the doctor, but later on came to our senses.

When we got home from my parents' place (we're having a little stay-cation because the cabin we were all going to go to had some frozen pipes and flooding. So sad!), I FINALLY got the little guy calmed down enough to sleep. By then, the pediatrician on call had called us back, and recommended taking him to insta-care. I was really torn because he was finally asleep, but we decided to just take him in. He slept on the way there, slept through most of his exam, and slept in the car while we waited for his prescription (with a little help from his Baby Mine Lullabyes CD and driving laps around the parking lot now and then). When we got home, he woke up, so we gave him his first dose of meddies, and got him back to sleep. He woke up an hour or so after that, and then about two hours after that. It was a rough night--especially because we're used to him sleeping for 10 to 12 hours at night.

This morning was a little better. He cried waking up, but I eventually got him to smile at me! Yesterday, it took a lot to get him to smile, when all I usually need to do is say, "Hi!" or, "Mikey boy!" and he's so excited, his arms start flailing. He's now had two doses of his meddies, and is feeling better. He just woke up from a little nap, so he's having brunch. We're hoping his appetite starts coming back, too. That'd mean lunch is in a couple hours.

My doctor's appointment is later today. Hopefully, we'll all start feeling better soon!


Katey said...

Ear Infections are SO stupid! Sorry you guys have the yuckies!!!

Hayley said...

i would like the world to know that this baby was inconsolable with me. but his daddy had the magic touch. only he could get him to calm down, with a lot of work, but it was him.

Garrett, you're an amazing dad.

Bonny said...

Oh I know how you were going through there with the ear infections thing. We had the same prob back in Dec with Ash. Crazy screaming. We had no idea. Gotta love that medicine and that once it starts working you feel like you have a new happy life again.