Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Wake up in the late afternoon...

I have an urge to blog. But I have no real reason to. No pictures. Nothing specific to say. So here is a seemingly random string of thought for you... or just me. In bullet form.
  • There were two pictures I contemplated posting. As a sort of "Wordless Wednesday" (but not on Wednesday) post. I didn't post them.
  • I wonder how you play Cover the Orange.
  • Golden Eye is fun. But I don't really want to play it.
  • Weight Watchers works pretty good. I lost over 9 lbs. this week. That'd be more impressive if I wasn't so large right now, but it still pretty great.
  • I don't like when the weekend is over.
  • I do like Sunday naps.
  • I've been listening to one of Katy Perry's albums for a couple days. There's a song with this line: "You're from a whole nuther world." I've thought of two or three alternate sentences that have the same number of syllables, fit the song's rhythm, but are grammatically correct and don't contain fake words like "nuther."
  • I kind of want chocolate, but I've used up all my points today, so I'm going to have a "treat water" which is a generic Crystal Lite single serve thinger.
That's it. Off to make my treat water.


Hayley said...

i just gave you the ipad so you can play cover orange. fun.

maybe i'll play bond while you play cover orange.

i like the cut the rope one, too.

i love weekends, too. so does mikey. because you're around, instead of in your office/our bedroom/the gym.

Katey said...

Treat water...I love it! :)

Beth said...

and "thinger" is one of those real words! ha, love the grammar natzi that you are.

garrett said...

Katey - Feel free to use the term yourself. :) Yay! Treat water!

Beth - Hahaha! Yeah, I'd like to think of myself as a grammar enigma, but mostly I'm just inconsistent in my rules. Oh well.

Thanks for actually reading this one, folks!

Courtney said...

I gotta say, I love the term treat water. So fantastic!

Chelsea said...

I lol'ed out loud at your Katy Perry bullet. And agree whole-heartedly!