Monday, December 12, 2011

Toddler Brain

This may only be funny if you have a toddler... Since my kid is just starting to toddle, it's kinda funny. Maybe less so to Hayley, who has to deal with the worst parts of the tantrums, whining, "no," and all the rest much more than I do.

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Below I have given a few updates to this graph for the Mikey brain:
  • He has yet to develop the play-doh center of the Worthwhile-Food Cortex
  • His Muppet-Appreciation lobe is not at all developed
  • Instead of "Daddy's shoes" in the Toy-Recognition Cortex, he has developed a section for measuring cups and large serving utensils, especially spoons
  • His Cartoon Addition Lobe is not fully developed 
  • His Endless-Repetition Stem does not contain "The Wheels on the Bus," and "Goodnight Moon" is only part of his nighttime brain function. "No!" is definitely the dominate section of this area
  • Surprisingly, his Acceptable-Medicine Center is completely normal. No aversion to actual medicines, except shots, of course
Do you see any changes you'd make? OR additional brain centers in the kids with whom you interact?


Hayley said...

i have to say: this is funny. but not totally accurate to mikey. i don't think his tantrums are that bad yet, unless he's sick or i'm sick and then... i'm glad he's not too picky of an eater yet. i like that we know the meaning of his "no's" and i'd say his "daddy's shoes" obsession is more like "mommy's ****-**** and *******" :)we don't leave shoes out and accessible to him. if (and i know it won't be) this is his most unpleasant toddler stage, i'd be thrilled! he's still pretty delightful to me.

Holly O. said...

You guys aren't even close to toddler rampage yet. SORRY!