Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two babies!

Welcome to the world, baby Henry! Most of you probably already follow Hayley's blog (or the family blog). I'll do a more in depth post with more pics, but I just put this one together for fun. Can you tell which baby is Mikey and which is Henry? I can. I think most will be able to. But the comparison is fun! We're so excited to now be a family of 4!


Robin said...

Congrats Garrett and Hayley! So happy for you! Your boys are darling.

Chelsea said...

So cute. I am sure you will love having the side-by-side comparisons. That will be very fun to see them grow and change differently. Sometimes people would say that my sister and I look alike, but I could never see it. Until I look at old pictures of us when we were little, and I can't tell if it's me, or Bethany! And I have twin nieces that they are not sure if they are identical or fraternal, and the doc said there were two ways to find out- 1, pay for an expensive DNA test or 2, watch them as they grow up and see if they change. :)

It's so cool that Hayley took those pictures of Mikey every day, and I am guessing she will do so as well with Henry. So lucky! Congrats to you both!

Hayley said...

@chelsea - i'm doing the daily picture of henry, too!!!

i know which one is which, especially because i can see the IV scab on one baby's head. :( and then i can tell which one has the giant noggin. :)

such cute babies, the both of them though.