Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm stupid

...but oh well.

I bought this thing with the sole purpose to blog about it. It's really dumb, but I didn't realize it until about day 4. You put this egg into water and it says in 48 hours it will hatch into a little chick. 48 hours my butt! This guy took like 2 weeks.

Well, I named him Spike. Which is the name I will give any pet if I ever own a pet. Which I won't. And if I ever own a dog, (which is even more unlikely then ever having a pet) I will name him or her Slobber.

Well, here are the many, many stages of Spike's birth.

And there ya have it. It's pretty lame, I know. But it's kinda neat to see the progression of Spike hatchin' out, right? I just put him alone in a fresh glass of water. (you can sorta see that his water was getting foggy.) maybe he'll grow a little bit more! If he does, I might post one more picture.


Tori said...

What a proud papa. Maybe he will be the answer to your late night problems - ha ha.

Tiffanie said...

oooh he is sooo cute!

Vickie said...

What a great start to getting a pet!!! I have always been curious about those, and now you have answered all my questions. What a relief. Well, I like your blog. I have finally risen from the dead and have started blogging again. You should check my blog out. I hope all is well and we most definitely need to play sometime. I miss our Canasta tournments and being engaged and all those good times!!!