Sunday, March 30, 2008

Symphony and Super Mario

Saturday I went to see the Utah Symphony. But this wasn't your average symphony. This production was called Video Games Live and featured music from some well known video games. And it wasn't just the symphony playing some boring music; there was a laser show, a giant screen with clips from the video games they were showing, and the occasional audience interaction. One guy had to put on a shirt with the space invaders ship on the back, then move on the stage to play space invaders on the big screen. All this happened while the symphony played the music to the game while he played. It was pretty awesome. Another two people challenged each other in a game of Frogger. The symphony played and if their froggy got squished, they had to play the squished frog music. It was pretty neat. The announcer guy said it was like how rich people play video games.

I took some pictures and a few videos... which suck because I don't know how to take pictures and they were taken with my phone. hopefully you can see what's going on and can sorta hear the music on the videos. I didn't get anything from act I, so everything will be from the second act.

This one is one of the creators of the show playing guitar. I think this was during music from Halo.

This is a cruddy picture of a guy dressed as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. I used to totally love the Final Fantasy series, and FFVII was one of their best. They made a movie based on it, and like 3 other games with the same characters. There were a couple other people dressed up, but I'm not so into video games like I used to be, and I didn't recognize them...

When the intermission was wrapping up, they had this up on the screen. You can't read it very well, but it says, "Video Games Live. Downloading Act II..." while the little meter showed how much time was left. Pretty clever.

While we waited for the second act to start, they were also playing some pop/game culture music. One of which was the Numa Numa song and this guy was totally doing the dance that made the song internet famous.

I tried to get a movie of the people at the show. Tiff makes her debut here. (Sorry, Tiff. It had to be posted!)

Later during the show, they played some music from Final Fantasy. You can sorta see some scenes on the big screen. (If nobody else but Jason thinks this is cool, I'll be ok.)

They also played music from Castlevania. Man, was that a fun game!

I had to take two videos of that one.

Pretty fun show, huh!? We went to IHOP after (because Tiff is quitting sugar... who DOES that?) but I got a tasty treat! Check out this beezlenut splash beverage, based on Horton Hears a Who.

It was Sprite with floating blue and red Jell-O in it. As weird as that sounds, it was really, REALLY good. What a fun night!


Tiffanie said...

where do you hear about these things? sounds like fun!

garrett said...

It was on the radio, actually! I thought it was a joke, but then sure enough! They were selling tickets. This entry really doesn't do it justice. It was really neat.