Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tagged from A to Z

Robin tagged me and my blog is pretty boring these days, so I'm actually going to do one of these. I think Jill tagged me a while ago with this same one, so I'm killing two birds with one stone... and I'm SO into killing birds... ummmm... Anyway, here's the tag. (There are a lot of hyperlinks in this one! Fun-a-la-fun.)

A - Attached or single? Single.
B - Best friend? Probably Katey Kimball.
C - Cake or pie? Pie all the way... unless it's cheese cake.
D - Day of choice? It's a toss up between Friday and Saturday. Probably Friday wins most the time.
E - Essential item? Shorts. Love 'em. I have to wear slacks, shirt, and tie every day to work, so I'm one of those white guys that wears shorts when the weather starts to change.
F - Favorite color? Orange.
G - Gummy bears or worms? Bears. Worms are too... solid?
H - Hometown? West Jordan.
I - Indulgences? Cafe Rio and Cadbury Mini Eggs.
J - January or July? Most the time, January. I'd rather be cold than hot. In the cold, you can always put on more layers. You can only take off so much if it's blistering hot.
K - Kids? Nope.
L - Life isn't complete without? The Lappy and Saturday morning sleep-ins.
M - Marriage date? Ummmm... see my first answer.
N - Number of brothers and sisters? Three sisters (two with blogs) and two brothers (one with... umm... not a blog, but a website).
O - Oranges or apples? Oranges.
P - Phobias or fears? Heights and jumping from them.
Q - Quote? Don't really have a favorite quote... but this one's fun: Time is a great teacher. Unfortunately it kills all its pupils.
R - Reason to smile? Ummmm... the weekend!
S - Season of choice? Fall.
T - Tag six: I'll tag Jason, Jenni, Tiff, Em, Tiff, and Niki. But I won't feel bad if you don't do it.
U - Unknown fact about me? Ummm... I'm pretty much an open book. But here's something. I usually only get hair cuts every six months. I hate getting a hair cut. I hate having to pay for it, mostly... seems like such a waste of money, since it's just going to grow back again.
V - Vegetable? I like all veggies mostly... really like corn on the cob and peas.
W - Worst habit? Ummmmm... is the inability to control portion sizes a bad habit?
X - X-ray or ultrasound? Am I supposed to have a preference? Like some doctor says, "Hey, would you want an X-ray or an ultrasound?" Really? I've only ever had X-rays, however.
Y - Your favorite food? Lasagna or really any Italian food.
Z - Zodiac sign? Libra. Balanced, and perfect in every way. :-)

Done and done. Do you feel like you know me better or was this basically a review of what you already know about me?


musicgirljen said...

Some interesting new bits about you - cool.

Bonny said...

oh i love the mini eggs too!

Katey said...

Yay...I made it as your best friend!!! Sorry...there wasn't anything new this time around. Oh wait...I didn't know that you'd only had one x-ray ever. But I know when you had that x-ray and the story behind it. :)

garrett said...

ummm... i didn't say i only had one X-ray... i've had at least 4, actually. maybe i should change my best friend on the list, huh? kidding. :)