Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It was a good run, Ted

So they canceled Better Off Ted. I hate that. As soon as Hayley told me about it, I let out a long, sad, "Nooooooooo!!!" It was one of the best shows on TV. It made me laugh out loud multiple times, every episode. I just wish more people watched it. Read about the cancellation here. It's a damn shame.

I was going to put a few clips here, but it makes me too sad to watch through the clips. Just go to Youtube and do a search for Better Off Ted. Seriously. Just do it.  (Or just click on the Better Off Ted links throughout this post. They're still playing clips there.) Thank goodness we've got Netflix now so I can watch the two short seasons over and over again.


Paul and Alli Watson said...

Paul and I loved that show!!! I was hoping they would pick it up for another season. Yet another witty, quirky show that people just don't seem to get. So, so sad. :(

Hayley said...

i'm sorry that ted is gone. you were so sad when i told you, it was kinda darling.

Holly O. said...

I'm sorry I didn't know about that show to support it.

em said...

That is bad news! We just watched an old(well the show isn't really old) episode the other night. The one where the company assigns everyone a theme and decorates their cube, Linda is a cat person. Good stuff. I can't believe its not coming back :(

garrett said...

Alli - I know, right?! Geez!
Hayley - Yeah, I was crushed.
Holly - There's only two seasons... you should watch! It's highly entertaining.
Em - Love that one! My favorite is when she tries to talk to the space guys and the one keeps saying, "Huston, we have a problem."