Monday, June 7, 2010

Do you think they have rainbows in other states?

A girl actually said this to me today. Or an iteration of this. Let me tell the whole story.

so I have been getting my hair cut at SuperCuts. Mostly because I don't like paying for hair cuts, so I want to go to cheap places. This has bitten me in the butt a lot lately. I used to only get hair cuts like once every six months, but now I'm respectable and get one every month. Or two. Anyway, I digress.

So I went to SuperCuts for my monthly hair cut, and I have mentioned to Hayley I don't like getting my hair cut there. I don't like the forced small talk. And I don't mean any offense, but most of the girls that work there are not too bright. The forced conversation is less than stimulating. But today I tried. The girl talked to me and I was cordial. She asked if I liked the weather we were having and I said yes, except when it storms like it did yesterday. Then she asked if I saw the rainbow. I did, and said it was pretty vivid. And then the magic happens. I can't do it justice describing it, so as well as I can remember, the conversation goes like this:

Hair cut girl: How do rainbows even happen anyway?
Me: [too flabbergasted to give actual responses anymore] I don't know. [Light refracting off of water droplets in the air, you idiot... seriously? Did you miss out on second grade?]
Hair cut girl: I mean, is it like light reflecting off a puddle or something? Like in the air?
Me: [.......really?] ...huh....
Hair cut girl: They don't get them like that in other states, right? I mean, like it's only in our valley, right? Like, we're the only ones that get rainbows like that.
Me: [...........?!!!???] I don't know.
Hair cut girl: ...yeah...

And there you have it. I stopped talking to her and could not WAIT to get out of the chair to tell Hayley. Not only due to this conversation, but the fact that three out of three cheap hair cut places I have been to don't know how to cut hair, I think I'm finally going to give in and go to Hayley's hair cut girl. I guess you get what you pay for. In hair cuts and conversation.


Hayley said...

especially since natalie doesn't cost that much more. and with her, conversation won't be forced.

you get a haircut every other month is all.

i love hearing these stories.

rainbows. only in utah. don't tell hawaii that. they'll need a new state logo.

caron said...

hahahahahaha!! That was so funny!
But seriously,do they? :)

Wendy said...

Oh, so hilarious! Next time you see her tell her that as a Hawaii resident I have a rainbow on my car plates because I wanna live in THAT valley.

Elizabeth Ward said...

I got a terrible, expensive haircut a couple of years ago and I was talking about living in PA and how much we liked it. She said, "I guess that would be nice but I don't ever want to leave my little Utah bubble." What is the matter with people?

Tori said...

I, like totally, didn't see, like, a rainbow yesterday. They so don't happen where I, like, live. You are so, like, lucky to live in that, like, valley! hehehe (sorry mr. punctuation, I don't know where to put my (,) in a sentence like that.)
How funny and how annoying. Soory about the bad hair cut. But hey, here's some good news, I'll be up this weekend to see it! Good news totally! ;)

Beth said...

I love that it's you that gets to enjoy these little golden nuggets of conversation. I think it makes it that much more hilarious!

Janene said...

Your post made me laugh. Joey hates going to the cheap haircut places for the very same reason.