Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. Fix-it...

Sorta. I mean, I mostly just followed the instructions...

Note: this post is somewhat interactive. To get the full story and picture (and actual pictures, for that matter), you will want to follow the links. You don't have to--I'm not bossing you or anything--but it will make your reading experience more complete. That's all. Oh, and the pictures I took aren't super great. Deal with it.

Lately, we have been making a few changes, getting ready for the furniture that we bought. With the new bed, we're going to move out the dressers and make room for my desk and a filing cabinet. With the couch and dining room table, we are going to make room for another desk for Hayley. This, in turn, frees up the second bedroom to be the baby's room. Which will eventually get a crib, probably a rocker, and a changing table. The thing is, we didn't have all of these items ready to go, or in the queue to be delivered.

So this last week, I made some stuff. I put together our filing cabinet. It wasn't too bad. Just followed the directions.

And I put together Hayley's desk. This task was a little more tricky because it had more involved more pieces, but it wasn't too bad. There was one incident with a non-cooperating drawer, and a final incident where the last two screws didn't want to fit, but some trial and error and a drill worked that out.

On top of making those two furniture items from the boxes, Hayley, Jared (who blogs less than I do), and I made a DVD shelf. The thing is, with all the changes in the living room, we don't really have room for the tower-type DVD stands. Or better said, we don't want to waste precious floor space on DVD towers. On top of that, the towers we have don't do so well on the super plush carpet we have now--they want to tip over all the time. Anyway, Hayley drew up some plans (that's right, she just drew up plans for a two level DVD shelf. She's THAT awesome.), we bought some lumber, brought it to Jared's to cut it to the right lengths, then Jared and I put it together, and I stained it.

It still needs some final touches (one more coat of stain and a back--that will need to be stained), and it's done. Then our DVDs will sit nicely on top of the entertainment center.

Upcoming projects will include moving old furniture to Mom and Dad's to be stored, painting and putting together the crib, and possibly putting together a rocking chair and changing table. Oh, and I'm also going to fix the droopy side of our entertainment center.

It sorta looks like it had palsy on one side or something...

So that's that! What have you been up to lately?


Beth said...

I love the palsy comment on the entertainment stand. It's going to be a whole new apartment next time I come over.

Hayley said...

palsy. oh my gosh. that made me laugh so hard. and i can't wait til it is fixed.

i was so proud of you all weekend for building that filing cabinet & desk. thanks for doing all of that.

i love the dvd shelves. they are looking way better than i expected. thanks, boys!

i can't wait til everything is "put together."

Hayley said...

p.s. i visit your blog. but you need to update your "happenings" ;) it is middle of june, not april anymore.

Katey said...

Palsy...hilarious! Remember how you're gonna have a baby to change on that changing table...weird!

As for me and my short story of happenings...I work and ride my bike. The end.

Katey said...

What the heck just happened? Sorry to post 4 times and then delete them. I'm a rere!