Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time to brag up my Hayley girl

If you didn't know, Hayley is going to have a baby. Yeah, that's right. But with that, we are lucky enough that she will get to stay home with our baby boy when he gets here! That means this is her last year of teaching. After nine years of teaching. Hayley doesn't like to talk herself up as a teacher, but she's awesome at it. Just to give you an idea, here are a few things that have happened this week.
  • The principal cried when she turned in her  letter of resignation. The principal even knew she was quitting, but once it came time to actually give the notice that she wouldn't be back, the principal cried. She's that good. She's going to be a huge asset lost.
  • One family told Hayley they were postponing moving because they wanted their youngest kid to have her as a teacher. Their kid is in kindergarten this year. That means they were waiting at least two years in a place they don't like (they apparently hate where they live), just to have Hayley be their kid's teacher.
  • Another lady said they had to pray about it to come to peace with the idea that their next kid wouldn't be in Hayley's class. They know know it's what will be best for her, her baby, and her family... uh, thanks for the extra witness, but we already knew that. But how sweet is that? They really like her. It was devastating that she wouldn't be their kid's teacher.
There are more things that I don't know of, or that aren't big enough for a bullet, but there are lots of comments like "we'll miss you," and "I can't believe you're leaving," and "what will we do without you," and "our kids will never have as good a teacher as you."

And I know how good she is and how much everyone loves her. I know how great she is with kids, what a good teacher she is, and all that. I am so grateful. I am so lucky to never have to say anything like that. My kids will always get to have her as a teacher. And even better, they'll have her as a mom. Hayley, I know you're looking forward to being done with school, but I also know it's hard, too. I'm so glad you get to stay home with our little guy, and I'll be forever grateful that you have chosen to do so. I love you, Hayley girl!


Hayley said...

oh, garrett... thank you. i love you. you're too kind.

BandR said...

She's lucky to have you around as well! I'm glad to hear there are some great peoples still finding each other!!! Congrats to you both on the baby!