Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby's first hic-ups!

So today, Hayley stopped me dead in my tracks and said, "I think the baby has hic-ups..." I stopped and watched her belly, and sure enough, you could even SEE the little rhythmic bumps he was making! It made me just want to squeeze him!

In addition to that, I wanted to share some videos. If you don't watch all of them, I won't feel bad. It may not be as cool to you as it is to me. But these videos are from the ultrasound when we found out that Mikey was a boy. Way back in February April, yes, but oh well. They're also not the greatest videos, but you can still see what's going on.

This first one shows his little profile. In the real video, you can see better that the little roundish spot above his head is his little fist.

This one shows his face, heart rate, and some measurements of his head.

This one shows his boy bits. It's at about 30 seconds that they make their debut... seems kinda weird that I'm telling you where to go to see that, but there it is... The video also shows some measurements of his legs and stuff, including another profile shot with ribs and spine.

And finally, just some last looks at the little guy. This one is only like 30 seconds long.

 And that's our baby boy! Can't wait to see him in real life!


Hayley said...

stop telling people to look at our baby's junk. ;)

i love watching that profile shot in the beginning. it reminds me of how excited you were, dancing around in that ultrasound room.

finding out he was a boy seems like forever ago, now. and it was april, not february that we found out, sillyhead.

hiccups. crazy.

garrett said...

oh yeah... whoops... April, not February. But yeah, I was so excited to see even video of him!

Beth said...

That is so amazing. I hope Roy is as stoked as you are. I can't wait to see the little dude either..I hope he has lots of curly hair!