Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quick tip No. 7

If you are in customer service in India, China, or some place NOT in the United States, don't pretend your name is "John" or "Sally" when it's really Habib, or Anaoulaivika.

Seriously. I was chatting with the Comcast service rep online today, and this is a copy & paste of what she said to me: "Garrett, do you have other phone that maybe replace to the phone that is not having such no dialtone?"

Right. And you expect me to belive your name is Regina?


Hayley said...

ha. garrett, that's great. but at least, garrett, they help you solve the problem. garrett, you've gotta appreciate when they're at least trying & don't get mad and hang up on you, garrett.

garrett said...

Oh yeah. That's the other thing. The constant use of your name. I don't know why, but that irritates me, too.

Katey said...

I wIsh there was a like button on Blogger sometimes! Gotta love those moments with foreign customer service!!

Bonny said...

HAH! You're so right! It would be so funny to "innocently" ask, "Is your name really Sally, I mean, really?"

garrett said...

To everyone that was amused by this post: I just go ta follow-up call from "Gary" making sure everyhing was going well with my computer... Riiiiiight, "Gary." But nice of him to call!