Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some baby stuff

Hayley has done a great job of posting pictures and things. And she started a blog to keep up on Mikey's project life thinger (I added a link there to the right if you're interested). While I don't have photos to add, here are a few baby things going on for me.
  • Mikey's little cry is cute to me. His screamer cry is sad.
  • We weren't prepared for him to not be a giant. We have billions of clothes for him, once he gains a few pounds, but for now, we're doing laundry all the time.
  • I'm pretty good at changing a diaper, I think...
  • I'm even better at swaddling.
  • When Mikey is really upset, if you lift him strait up high a couple times, he seems to like that and calms down.
  • I am having all sorts of paternal instincts. Sometimes, I dream I'm holding him, and when I wake up cradling my pillows under my face, I get a nervous jolt that I'm using him as a pillow.
  • I have also had some pretty  crazy and graphic dreams where he was seriously hurt. In on of those dreams, I beat a man bloody and I think I killed him... I'm not a violent person usually, but this guy seriously hurt my baby boy and even in my dream I couldn't stop myself.
  • I like to hold him when he sleeps. I should probably let him sleep in his bed--and I usually do--but it's fun to hold him.
  • I like to watch Hayley hold him. It's nice just looking at the two of them.
  • I like looking into his little eyes. He lifts his head up and looks around A LOT. I wonder what in the world he could be thinking. "do you dream about Jesus or quantum mechanics or angels who sing lullabies?"
  • Hayley is the best. I am getting pretty good sleep. But I do try to help out when I know she just needs an hour or two to stay sane.
  • We're pretty happy around here.
There ya go. Maybe the next one I'll post pictures. But for now, try Hayley's blog and Project Mikey.


Hayley said...

you're amazing with him. i love it. [not surprised, but it is better than i imagined.]

we are happy. i love it. and thanks for helping me stay sane. :)

Beth said...

I'm way stoked that you three are settling into life quite nicely! In fact it makes me happy too!!

Tennant Family said...

I love the dream with the pillows. You guys are going to be such fun parents! I'm so excited for you!