Monday, May 16, 2011

Quick tip No. 10

When using eye drops (or having someone else put them in because you can't bring yourself to put drops in your own eyes) it is probably best not to close your eyes so tight your lashes can barely be seen, or to shake your head back and forth so your eyes are inaccessible.

Hayley does this. It's kinda funny. But she has pink eye, the poor thing, so I have to put eye drops in her eyes 4 times a day. I seem to have to remind her a few times that I don't even have the lid off of the dropper.


Hayley said...


you cover your belly button at the thought of me sticking anything in there. now you know how i feel about my eye balls.

(did you cover your belly button when you thought about it?)

i'm sorry and thank you.

Deb and AJ said...

I had pink eye last month and AJ happened to be fishing up in Idaho. So I had to put them in myself. It wasn't fun.

garrett said...

I have no trouble putting them in myself... I do, however, think it would freak me out if I let someone else do it.

Beth said...

There is a friends episode with that same issue. Good luck with that pink eye G-ward!!!

TheFirstWard said...

That is funny! But I agree with you Garrett. I have no problem putting drops into my own eyes, but I would hate to have someone else do it. I would probably beat them to death with my eyelashes.