Friday, May 27, 2011


When Mikey gets too excited, he's started saying, "Woah!" a whole buncha times. It's dang cute. In the tub tonight, he was going nuts! I pulled out my phone and took this video, and of course because there was a camera, he didn't do it quite so much. This video does, however, show a few other Mikey-isms.

  • 0:03 -- you can see and hear him do this little mouth grunty noise he makes when he's hungry. I can't even mimic the sound
  • 0:15 and 1:35 -- he claps with toys in his hands
  • 0:31 -- he sorta does his "woah!"
  • 0:44 -- he does a fake cough
  • 0:47 -- he lets out a loud "aaahhhhhh"
  • 1:42 -- he gets so excited, he has to smile big, kick his feet, and bounce
  • 1:50 -- he gives a better "woah! woah!"
  • 2:06 -- his dad says "oh, goodness" in baby talk for the billionth time
  • 2:16 -- he gives a little more concerned "woah!"
Yeah... I know I'm a dork, but I just love everything about this kid!


Hayley said...

at least i'm nagging in the background. totally flattering.

i love the play by play. i love the woah!

i also love the kicking, rocking and splashing.

Heather said...

LOVE IT! What a cutie, seriously a fun video to have for the future!!! :)

Beth said...

I love how interested he is in those toys of his. I can't believe he's actually making seems like you were bringing him home from the hospital only yesterday. LOVE you Mikey!

Katey said...

I love it! So darn cute.