Monday, October 8, 2007

Conference review

Ok, I was going to be clever and give you a one sentence synopsis or probable title to all the talks from all 5 sessions of conference I watched, but then my notes got jumbled and I don't know the correct order to put them in. I know I could look through and figure it out, but because that happened, my feelings changed on how I wanted to remember the conference. Not just one liners, but some actual feelings. So what I think I will do instead is talk a little bit about my feelings on this conference and just a couple talks that touched me.

First, man what a great thing conference is! It's really quite an uplifting weekend. True, it really kills your weekend (especially if you're a guy and go to the priesthood session). You've got to figure out how to do things in two hour increments, and some activities, like going to Costco, really are out. But it's really a small price to pay.

The most touching talk to me was Elder Wirthlin's talk about love and charity. My favorite line from his talk was, "Nothing you do makes much difference if you have not charity." I was especially touched that Elder Nelson (Dr. Nelson...) stood up to help him. It made me a little teary eyed.

The most powerful talk for me was Elder Holland's talk that was to clear up the misconception that members of the Church of Jesus Christ aren't Christian. He spoke with such power and knowledge of deity that it seemed like a challenge to anyone who wanted to say otherwise. And if anyone takes him up on that challenge, I hope I get to witness him and the power he will speak with.

Another that stood out to me was Elder Perry's talk in the priesthood session. He talked about raising the bar, and how important that is for progress. You can't always do the minimum and expect to get anywhere. Even now that the bar is raised, young men shouldn't just do the minimum to become a missionary. They can do more and excel in their callings, and so can the rest of us.

Ok, that's it. I decided when I started this blog it would be something of a journal for me, and I hopefully will have a book put together in a year of all my blog entries. With that in mind, I really wanted to put some things that mean a lot to me, and this conference session was one of those things. I hope it touched all of those who had a chance to listen, and if you didn't, click here, and maybe you'll find something worth listening to.


Bonny said...

Elder Holland was one of my favs too. He is always so bold and straight-forward. That was an awesome talk. Elder Wirthlin was great too. That one had a lot of meaning for me. This round I found a lot of meaning in the "sharing the gospel" talks. I'm surrounded by non-members and opportunities to share the the past I have kinda tuned out to those talks cuz in Utah its not as obvious...but here...I swear I tell someone about the church every day. What a great opportunity. I realized that every message shared was meant for someone.

princesaplumeria said...

Isn't conference weekend the best??!! I especially loved Sister Beck's talk about being a woman who knows.

And I also loved that moment in Elder Wirthlin's talk when Elder Nelson got up and stood with him. What better illustration of the principle he was teaching.

I love it!

Haley Greer said...

Well summarized, Garrett. I kind of felt that Saturday was a press-conference to the world about our beliefs, and that Sunday was more personalized for those already in the church. Refreshing weekend for sure.

Jenni Brush said...

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us about this Conference. :) This kind of summary is much more interesting and meaningful than a list of one-sentence synopses, anyway.

How awesome is it that we have the opportunity to hear God's chosen prophets and apostles on the earth speak to us every six months? (And how many of us take that for granted? < raising hand >) It is a great thing to be part of a living Church.

Katey said...

Thanks for the recap of your favorites! We are so lucky to have the gospel in our lives. I loved conference! I was the most attentive I have ever been this go round. I also loved Sister Beck's talk about being mother's who know and I felt an even great responsibility to be better so I can be a mother who knows entirely! And honestly, when I hear President Hinckley share a message like he did, how can anyone question the truthfulness of not only Joseph Smith but of our prophet today?