Saturday, March 21, 2009


This slight correction needs to be made. My newest nephew's name is Bradley Arlo Ward. And he's cute.

These were taken with my phone the day he was born.


Hayley said...

i love madeline's smile in these pictures. i spent a lot of time with her these last few days - she was so dang excited & happy. a few times she just squeaked in delight & they were always because of her brother. i love how much she loves to hold him.

and i'm sorry to jared & liz - that picture of me, i look like i'm chewing on poop. i was seriously thrilled to hold him!!!

Katey said...

Oh my goodness, Madeline is so dang cute. How fun for her to have a new brother. Post some more pictures of him soon!

Holly O. said...

Hayley looks so happy!!!

Holly O. said...

I love the new Transformers countdown. So appropriate!