Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hayley!!!

It's my wonderful wife's 30th birthday today!!! You should go here and wish her a happy birthday. Or I'll kill you.

Hayley, I sure hope you have the happiest birthday ever! You make me so happy. I love how much fun we have together, no matter what it is we're doing. We could be at dinner, the movies, or just sitting around at home, and we’ll always find something to laugh at. It's SU-per awesome. :)

You make me smile every time I see you. I feel so loved by you and love you so much in return! I could never have imagined loving someone as much as I love you. I miss you as soon as I leave in the morning, and can’t wait to see you as soon as I get back home. I love how sassy you are, I love your strong convictions, I love how much you love kids--especially nieces and nephews. I love how great a teacher you are, and how devoted you are to family. I only feel like I’ve accomplished something for the day if I’ve made you smile.

I feel so lucky and so blessed to have found you! Have a very happy birthday. Here’s to many more years together.


TheFirstWard said...

Happy Birthday Hayley!

We love you too. DeAnne and I hope Garrett and you have a great day!

tiburon said...

Happy Birthday Hayley!!!!!


Hayley said...

ahh shucks. i'm crying. kids are staring.

Garrett Ward - you're amazing. I love the hell out of you.

thank you for being so wonderful.

and thanks for bacon for a breakfast meal & for surprising me with those beautiful roses. i love you.

Anonymous said...

You new blogs looks AWESOME!!!