Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photo tag

Emity tagged me. I was really excited for this one! The rules are, go to your fourth folder, and fourth picture, and blog about that. I decided to even check the personal photos I have on my work computer. Turns out, both of the photos have made previous appearances on my blog.

First, my work computer had this one:

As you may recall, there was a fire in the building where I lived. My condo got some water damage and smoke damage. It wasn't too bad, but I had to live at Jared and Liz's place for a few months! This picture was taken with my phone. It's actually not the worst picture of the bunch, but you can sorta see in that last window on the top that the entire roof was gone and needed to be replaced. Fires are scary!

The forth and forth on my lappy at home was this:

This is me, posing with the ring I bought for Hayley. This was also taken with a phone. Some co-workers of mine went with me to pick up the ring because they really wanted to see it. When I held it, apparently I made quite a happy face, and they thought it was endearing or something. This is my attempt at making the face again. Obviously staged, but oh well. The evening ended well. :)

This was pretty fun! I don't usually tag people, but I'm going to this time. I tag Katey, Haley, Mary K., and Carona. And anyone else that wants to do it.


Hayley said...

it sure did end well. and so have so many other since then. i love you

Haley Greer said...

You mock my pain!

My lappy was pronounced dead yesterday, which means you may be waiting for me to complete this tag for a while. That is, until I can buy myself a new one.

In the meantime, let us pray that I can salvage my pictures from my old laptop to a new one.

garrett said...

Hayley - Love you too!! That day was the start of so many great days. I'm so lucky to get to spend my days with you.

Haley - Life IS pain! Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

But really, sorry about your crashed lappy! stupid computers. Can't live with 'em... But let me know if and when you do post!