Wednesday, May 13, 2009

list of firsts

so through all this, i have had some crazy experiences. i thought i'd write a few things down. again, i'm on precocet, so some of this might not be impressive, or might be too much information... and feel free to check this one periodically. i'll probably add to it as i remember things.

first surgery (and first time i was nocked out all the way)
first overnight stay in a hospital (only ever came in for broken bones)
first time i've ever been delirious with pain
first time i've ever taken morphine, delotted, lortab, or percocet (delotted is better than morphine, two lortabs is better than one lortab, two percocet is better than two lortab, but sometimes percocet makes you have crazy dreams)
first time i've ever pooped in a bucket for doctors
first time i've been stabbed with a needle 14 times in the same arm (they got me one more time today for blood work)

not gonna say i loved any of those firsts, but hey, chalk it up as experience, huh?


Holly O. said...

Why the bloody hell were you asked to poop in a bucket for the doctors?

garrett said...

because there may have been blood in my poop. yeah, it was a little mortifying, but i got over it.

Hayley said...

i've pooped in a bucket before. it's shameful, but at some point, we're all going to have to do it.

also, it was the first time you threatened to "so someone pressure."

i love you.

em said...

Are you home yet?

tiburon said...

You pooped in a bucket? That is AWESOME.

And morphine makes me want to peel my skin off. Just.saying.

Tori said...

You have a vast knowledge of pain killers. Very impressive... or is it a bit too impressive? :) Feel better and stay out of the hospital would ya? Just be the good patient that goes home and gets better, never to return again. :)