Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blog post 135

I kinda wanted to do something for my 100th blog post--because, you know, then I'd be syndicated--but it came and went without me noticing. My actual 100th post is still a good one... But Here's what I've learned about blogging so far. I don't promise to know anything, but here's some stuff I've learned in no particular order.
  1. Don't post about whitening strips. No one will comment. Except your lovely wife.
  2. If you DO want comments, post about grammar or word use or something. People eat that up and have lots to say about it.
  3. Another way to get lots of comments is to get married. People get more excited about that than even the grammar/word use posts.
  4. If you want people to find your blog via searches, use popular quotes from TV shows as the title of your post. Or ways to win at laser tag. (seriously. according to google analyitics, these are my two most popular landing pages from people searching the interwebs. crazy, I know!)
  5. Use links in your blog posts. People dig that. Especially if the link is to an image that isn't actually in the post. And use those image links in an ironic way. It's funny.
  6. Post pictures. You don't have to in every post, but it will make it so people come back to your blog. (I am sort of fudging this rule in this very post, I realize.)
  7. Almost everyone I know (myself included) does an initial post when they start their blog about how they don't know what to do when writing a blog. The truth is, it doesn't really matter what you do. It's your own place to do whatever you want.
  8. If you go private, I may not read your blog as much, and subsequently may not comment as much. (I'm not great at commenting all the time anyway...) I still love you just the same, it's just that your blog is not as accessible to me (through google reader) as it once was.
There you have it... some... rules... or whatever. Like I said, I may not be the fount of knowledge here. But my blog still functions, so yay for me.

Here's to another 135 posts! Thanks for reading!


Hayley said...

you might not be the fount of knowledge, but are you count dracula?

the funny thing is - the white strips made me laugh SOOOO HARD. must've been one of those "you had to be there moments."

i personally don't mind the private blogs. it kinda takes me back to original blogging fun, before google reader.

being married to you is the best. i might not be as angry & sarcastic as i used to be, but this happiness is worth 100 funny blog posts. i love yous.

Jentry said...

I promise to comment more if you do.

Courtney said...

Hey, how come my blog is not on your blog scroll? Don't you like me anymore? Am I no longer considered your friend? :) Just kidding. I hope married life is still awesome for you guys. I know you're both totally happy!

garrett said...

Hayley - I love you!!!

Jentry - I'll do my best!

Courtney - I had you in my google reader list, but not listed on my actual blog! Sorry about that. Problem solved.

tiburon said...

I will be here for the next 135. I kind of joined in the middle of the first 135.