Saturday, January 5, 2008

Game over

Have you ever played laser tag and wondered what the hype was all about? I mean, I usually just wander around as bait for the snipers and little kids that just won't stop following me and shooting me in the back. The only real fun is to come up with a code name that will confuse the people you shoot. Whenever I go play laser tag, my code name is now Game Over. So every time I shoot someone, they look at the little screen on the gun to see who shot them and it says, "Game Over" right next to their ranking. Yeah, I know I'm funny. Well, I've figured out how to win at laser tag. I am bait for no one. I use what I call the little kid strategy.

The thing that used to bug me with playing laser tag with little kids is that proper laser tag etiquette (at least as I understand it) says that when you've been shot, you walk away in shame from your attacker, and they keep the high ground. Well, with little kids, they shoot you, then as you walk away, they follow you and continue to shoot you. I got sick of this and tried the same tactic on a group of little kids. While they are tiny geniuses in offensive strategy, they don't know how to defend when their own tactics are used against them. I cleared out two towers full of little kids. It was pretty funny.

So I went to a singles activity that happened to be laser tag. I wondered if this same strategy of pursuing my victims and attackers would work with adults. You bet your sweet bum it did! I shot one guy 14 time and one girl 13 times. And I got first place. As we were leaving the arena, my roommate Matt told me in a bragging tone that he got 7th place, and I in turn told him that I thought I got first, because every time I looked at the display on the gun, it said as much. Matt's immediate response was, "No you didn't." Still don't believe me? Well, have a look see below.

You can sorta see the 140 and 130 scores on the left from when I shot the same two people.

So there ya have it. The real test to see if the little kid strategy works as well the second game. Everyone wanted revenge on me, so I was a prime target. Well, here's my score card from the second game.
As you can see, I ranked 2nd. But my ratio increased to 10%! Before discovering the little kid strategy, I'd never gotten above 4% accuracy.

The person who got first place was Darin, a friend of mine. He also adopted the little kid strategy, but found one of those really nice girls who wouldn't retaliate, even in laser tag, and shot her 23 times.

So now laser tag is kinda fun. I sorta laugh hysterically after having shot someone more than 4 times, but it's all in good fun. I'd actually be interested in seeing how effective the little kid strategy is if EVERYONE is using it... so anyone want to play laser tag? :)

P.S. New Years post coming soon. I have some sweet videos, but I'm having some trouble editing them to make them brighter...


Katey said...

Sounds like a great strategy you have going there bud! I haven't played laser tag in quite some time but I sure do love it. You'll have to invite me next time you go. :)

caron said...

I think she was trying to get back at Darin, but he would grab her gun and then shoot her. And I think they just both wanted that spot. It was hilarious, though, when the cards came back!
That was so much fun. I had never been, and I got 7th and 5th places! I did use the lazer tag ettiquette, though. I don't think I got anyone more than 5 times during a game.

Anonymous said...

Ha...Ha...Ha...I hope you are hearing the sarcasim in my laugh. I am pretty sure I am the one who told you about the "Game over" name for laser tag. I used that name 9 years ago! I think I deserve the credit!
P.S. This is Emma, and those videos of New Years are not to be edited or posted on YouTube without my consent!

garrett said...

Caron - That's right. I forgot that he was moving her gun out of the way... what a turd.

Emma - I also forgot that you gave me the idea for the name! Thank you. But as for the New Years videos... be afraid. Be very afraid... ;)

princesaplumeria said...

I think you only won because I was not able to make it. :)

garrett said...

Bring it, Christy!!

caron said...

Ohh, a rematch. Can I come? :)
And that 23 thing was so funny, you have to admit. She was being a good sport about it.
Emma, those videos are hil-arious. I personally am looking forward to thier world debut.

Heather said...

LOL, Laser Tag ROCKS!!!!!!! I miss going with the Single's Ward, we should get a group together and go sometime!

Adam said...

Way to go dude! I never thought about the strategy of sticking on someone as a "little kid strategy" but little kids swarms are pretty evil in there! Maybe if you, Mary, and I ever meet up we can play a game? btw This is Mary's boy, Adam. Mary says the best about ya!