Sunday, January 27, 2008

Would you rather...

Saturday I went to Katy's and played games with a few friends. Katy recently got "Would You Rather...?" and we decided to play it. It was pretty fun and the highlight of the night was when Bendy had to dance with a mop for 60 seconds. You'd be surprised how long 60 seconds is. I got smart at the end and pulled out my phone and recorded Bendy's dancing for the last 30 seconds. The videos are from my phone, back lit and pretty crappy, but still funny. Enjoy!

Oh, and one more thing. Would you rather have a tiny man living in your mouth that constantly picked at your teeth with a chisel, or have a tiny bird that lived on your nose that would occasionally pluck your nose hairs? Can you think of any other fun "would you rather"s?


bendy said...

being the star of this unfortunate video I have to add that not only did I complete my challange I won the game.
As a side note I would definetly take the bird in my nose.

musicgirljen said...

I like birds. Except the end of one's nose could get kind of messy... Eww. I'm no good at thinking up these things myself.