Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why some people are made for each other & are you kidding me?

It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to.

So tonight, I was watching American Idol. If you don't watch the show, I'm sure you understand its concept. It's a kind of singing talent show where they let anyone try out "to become the next American Idol." Whether that means fame and fortune is debatable, but you know the premise, right?

Well, while I was watching it, my none-to-bright roommate and his whiny, loud kissing girlfriend were there. Between making out in front of and behind me and doing some homework, they were listening to and sometimes watching the show. Now, I've explained my frustration to some of you about the constant yet obvious or inconsequential questions that come from this roommate while watching movies or TV. Of all the ridiculous questions, I think his question while listening to American Idol takes the cake. While one particular contestant was in the middle of her audition, he asks, “Who is the girl that is singing?” Before I can answer, his girlfriend chimes in, “Yeah, who is that?”

Are you kidding me? These people are no strangers to American Idol. I’ve endured their over the top PDAs during the show before, and they’ve confessed to watching previous seasons American Idol. So naturally, I’d assume they understand the concept. The only response I could muster that also issued the correct amount of exasperation, confusion, and ridicule without being entirely rude was, “I don’t know her guys… I mean, I’ve never had her over before…” Seriously? The Fox network, spearheaded by Simon, Paula, and Randy, takes completely unknown people and tries to make a star out of them. And you want me to tell you who this one, single girl is during her audition? The very FIRST try out? Seriously? And not only one of you, but you BOTH have this question for me? Four words: made for each other.

If you think I’m being too mean, come on over while they’re both here and try to watch a movie. You’ll get tons of these gems. For example, during a commercial for Dirty Jobs, he asked if Mike Row was gathering these weird slime eels for their slime or the eels. Dude, I saw as much of the commercial as you. But I guess if I were in your position, I’d rely on the powers of deduction possessed by those around me more than my own, too. All I can do is sigh and silently shake my head.


Bonny said...

ew I hate PDA especially by annoying people.

Also, when I first read it I thought they were asking Who-meaning what artist- the song came from that they are singing. h aha.

anyway...i understand your frustration. sometimes its fun to tease people like that :)

garrett said...

Yeah, it's probably the worst PDA I've ever experienced in my life. I'm not entirely against it, but this is over the top.

And I've reworded his question to clear up any confusion on who he was asking about.

Don't worry folks, I'll blog soon so my complaining isn't up forever.

Haley Greer said...

I have a REAL hard time who have no concept of other people. Really. My condolances... and bless your heart for regularly dealing with these people with the grace that you do.

Jessica Sorensen said...

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Katey said...

Sorry dude...I hate roommates who are dating someone! Not the greatest of times. :(

JMoney said...

Hey what was that new sandwich called? A "Google-whack?"

Ahhhahaha! Yeah, these people remind me of good ol' Nate. And that sucks about PDA. If I ever graduate and happen to score a job in SLC, I'll come be your roomie.