Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm a horrible person

First, I participated in a facebook fight about how "boughten" isn't a word, and now this...

Remember a few years ago when I got a text from someone I didn't know? Remember my regret at "[missing] out on a good opportunity to mess with the minds of strangers" and all that? Well lucky me, I got a text from a stranger on my lunch break, and took a little time to mess with him/her. Here's the conversation:

Person I Don't Know: Hi Koriann. what's the name of the new lady at the library ... she's only been working there for a coule months,
Me: Bertha.
PIDK: her name wasn't bertha ... she is in charge of teaching the classes on "how to use the library" ... she came from california
Me: Oooohh... Stacy?
PIDK: nope ... i think she might be over the front desk
Me: Did she order a salad for lunch today?
PIDK: who am i texting?
Me: Not korrian. Sorry. I have no idea who you are. Can you blame me for messing with you?
PIDK: nope ... sorry for wasting your time
Me: No problem. Sorry for wasting yours. :) hope you find that lady's name.

Again, this is a complete transcript of the texts, so yes, she spelled couple as coule, and I spelled Koriann wrong. but moving on.

When PIDK said sorry for wasting my time, I felt a little bad so I wished her luck. But I sure didn't feel bad enough to not do this again when I get another text from an unknown source.


Hayley said...

hey koriann, i think you're really funny.

who am i texting? i wonder when she started to figure it out.

i love that you used bertha. not burtha. nutter

Bonny said...

HA! That was hilarious.

Remember when I accidentally texted someone I didn't know and the guy wouldn't leave me alone? He wanted to be my BFF. Gross.

Holly O. said...

I love this SOOOOOOOOO much.

tiburon said...

I love that you screwed with her. That is my kind of text exchange!