Thursday, June 18, 2009

And the best show on TV is...

30 Rock.

I. Love. This. Show. Wanna know why? here, try these on for size:

- "What the Frak?!"
- "Blurg!"
- "I want to go to there..."
- "What the WHAT?!"
- "I'm gonna have to talk to some food about this."
- Liz: "Are you wearing a tux?" Jack: "It's after six, Lemon. What am I, a farmer?"
- "Suck it!"
- "That place can eat my poo!"
- "I'm lizzing! I'm lizzing!"

Ok, if you don't watch the show, you may not really think most of the things above are funny... but the thing I like about this show is that it isn't just the overall story that's funny, there are funny bits throughout the whole thing. And not cheesy, Full House type funny, but actual smart-funny jokes throughout an entire episode (not that "... eat my poo" is a super smart joke, but those take a little longer to explain... and they happen so quick!). And right after they make the joke, the plot just moves on. I laugh almost constantly while watching this show. It may be a little shocking to some of you to hear it, but 30 Rock has totally taken over as my favorite show, even over LOST. I know, it sounds nuts, but I can't help it. It's so good! So get on the band wagon and go watch it. If you have a sense of humor, you won't be disapointed.

In other news, Tori had her baby! She's a cutie and I can't wait to see her. Also, I'm aware I haven't posted with pictures in a while, and this post may be a sorry excuse for my lack of pictures. If you need to see a few pictures, check out Hayley's blog. She's been posting quite a few lately! And the new Transformers movie opens next weekend! I'm so frakin' excited!


Paul and Alli Watson said...

I just had to add another one:

I'm Lizzing! I'm Lizzing!

Paul and I still use that one when we are laughing. By far, the best comedy on tv right now.

Hayley said...

I'm so glad that 30 Rock has taken over LOST. suck it LOST. you and your stupid never ending confusion.

i'm a little concerned about how you brought in Full House as a "funny" show. hmmmm. i'm questioning your standards just a little. but don't worry - i still like you.

the hardest thing for me is deciding who is funniest. Jack? Liz? Tracy? they're my most favorite top 3 & depending on the episode - i can't always decide. and then there is kenneth... ahh. such a tough choice.

full house. good hell.

Elizabeth Ward. said...

i'm with hayley, full house?!

i don't get to watch 30 rock much because of my children, but i could eat up kenneth with a biscuit. i love him.

garrett said...

full house was the first, ultra-cheesy sit. com. i could think of! I don't think it's funny, but the live studio audience seemed to laugh a lot... even when it was super lame...

Ali, I'm going to add "i'm lizzing!" to the list right now!!!

Jentry said...

"I'm working on my night cheese!"

Robin said...

I love the show. I get "werewolf bar mitzvah" stuck in my head.