Monday, June 29, 2009

baby Pyper!!

Ok, so this post is named after Pyper, but there isn't a picture of her to be found on this post... Oh well.

Last weekend, we got to go see baby Pyper! She is a cutie. I don't have the pictures of her, but you can see them on Hayley's post.

We decided to head down Saturday morning, and got to take Rylie and Taylor with us. They stayed with their cousins an extra day and we picked up Rylie at Jared and Liz's and met Darren with Shelby and Sarah to pick up Taylor in Lehi. Those kids travel pretty well. You could tell they missed each other. Taylor went right for Rylie to give her a hug as soon as she got out of the car, and then they talked about all the things they did during the week. And then they napped a little in the car through the canyon. They're sweet girls.

When we got to Wellington, we had a great afternoon with the girls. Camryn showed me all the lights in the basement and made me turn them all on before playing in the kitchen, getting me a plate of eggs, and countless cups of drink. (she called it drink, not tea. I thought it was pretty cute.)

Also in the basement, we noticed a HUGE black widow spider. I took a couple pictures with my phone before Garth went outside and killed it as we watched in the basement. It was freaky.

Make sure you click on the pictures to see how huge she is!

I got to play a lot with Tori's girls. They LOVE the trampoline! Camryn loved it. I got a little video of her jumping. She even put her hands up high!

Thanks again, Tori, for letting us crash at your house all afternoon! Pyper is adorable, just like the rest of your girls!


Hayley said...

oh goodness. i love when her legs give out & she falls. she's so cute reaching high!

every single one of those girls is precious - i love them all. you got to play so much cause i was hogging pyper, thanks for letting me do that.

and that spider - yikes. i'm ascared. [yes, i know that's wrong.]

Katey said...

I can't believe how big some of your neice's are getting...especially Taylor. Glad you got to have lots of fun with them.

P.S. that spider pic kinda freaks me out!

Tori said...

Okay, so Garth sprayed all around the house right, and in the corners of the garage. Well, right after you left, I noticed one in the corner of the garage where the girls put their bikes. She was just as big if not bigger! Garth picked her up with his glove and she hardly moved. She was a goner. When he dropped her on the pavement, she kind of gave a little splat! Yuck! Thanks for bringing my girls back. They loved playing with you and Hayley.

Tori said...

SO I just brought Camryn in to watch and she says, "Camin, Camin, what you doing?" Too cute. I think she is going to make me watch it at least 90 more times! :)