Wednesday, June 24, 2009

and the thing is, we're busy...

So work has really picked up lately. We have tons to do and not a whole lot of time to dilly dally... but that doesn't mean we don't make time for an occasional fit of non-work. Case in point: Mike G's white board.

Now, Mike's white board has been used for non-work-related items in the past. But today is a special day. Today we found out that two employees have been confirmed as carriers/recipients of the swine flu. So of course, when Mikey tells me he's suddenly feeling cold, I automatically respond, "YOU'VE GOT SWINE FLU!!!" and tell him he's gotta get outta the office, pronto. The joke continues on, allowing ME to leave work as well, as long as this area of the office is quarantined.

If you didn't see Mike's whiteboard clearly, here's a little better shot.

Luckily for me, Andy had already put the sweet purple car with the "G" hood ornament on Mike's white board before I got there to quarantine the place. Oh, and earlier today, I labeled the car "The Veganmobile" because Mike is, unfortunately, a practicing vegan.

But he's not preachy about it. He doesn't want to blow up mink factories or anything. He doesn't tell me that I'm eating his friends when I have a burger. (If he did, I'd tell him his friends are quite delicious.) Doesn't even ask me to go to meetings either... And with the Veganmobile on the white board, it looks like the Vegan superheroes of the world are trying to save us all from swine flu. but I digress...

Because some people are genuinely worried about swine flu (and rightly so), but may not have the same sort of morbid sense of humor that I do, I added an asterisk to the "Quarantine" part of the sign. Here's the footnote.

Because you can never be too careful. Ok, back to work.


Hayley said...

we're all doomed to get the swine flu it seems. i hope mike doesn't get it! remember when i for a split second thought your appendicitis was the swine flu? oh yeah, probably not, cause you were too busy puking your guts out.

caron said...

Do vegans have meetings? My brother is one, but I didn't know there was any organization to it. Maybe i should pay closer attention to the chanting going on downstairs... :)
And, hey, any chance to take some work off, eh?