Saturday, January 15, 2011

He sleeps in the crib!

There's a post about non-Mikey, so here's a post about Mikey.

Last night began the weekend of try-to-see-if-Mikey-can-handle-the-crib. Some of you know, he used to sleep exclusively in this:

But last night, we put him in his crib, so he'll be sleeping like this:

He did great, and I only went in once in the night to comfort him. He woke up a couple times more than normal, but we let him cry it out (which really meant he had a small little pouty sound, not a real cry) until he went back to sleep. Then we all got up around 7:20 a.m. Pretty sweet! I hope tonight goes just as well!


Hayley said...

he did great! thanks for going in and calming him down that one time. xoxoxo

Cassidy said...

Good on ya. That can be a tough move to make. I hope it continues to go well!