Friday, January 7, 2011

You asked for it

Ok, most of you read Hayley's blog, too, but I think there are some that don't. Based on the comments on my last post (feel free to continue to make requests. I'll be working on them), no one seems to mind Mikey, so here's my latest favorite video of him. Hayley already posted it, but it's so cute! I was recording, trying not to catch his attention because if I did, he'd likely stop laughing. There were probably 3 times I almost stopped recording, but then he'd make some happy noise, and I'd just let it keep going. So here's Mikey laughing with his mamma.

There are a bunch of other videos, too. I'm going to add a link to the side of my blog to the YouTube channel where we're posting all his videos, in case all y'all want to check out the other cute videos of mikey. And a few from  a couple Christmases ago. And a couple concerts we went to. But it's mostly Mikey.


Hayley said...

i love at the end when he finally does see you, you definitely stole his attention. or at least the camera did.

garrett, i think everyone loves what a sweet daddy you are.


Cassidy said...

Baby laughs are SO cute. And Mikey has the most gorgeous eyes, what a darling kid you've got there.