Saturday, January 22, 2011

Word association

Caron beat me to this one, but oh well. This'll be fun. She gave a link to a random word generator, so I clicked on it and I'm going to give the first memories that come to mind when I think of these words.

1. Cream
I've made these super great nachos a couple of nights for dinner. I put sour cream on top while they're still warm out of the oven, and the sour cream sorta melts all over the place. Tasty tasty. The nachos consist of chips, cheese, totinos jalapeno cheese dip, salsa, homemade spicy salsa, black beans, and fajita-seasoned chicken.

2. Concierge
I've never really had any experience with a concierge, but I remember that episode of the office when Micheal Scott goes on a business trip, and thinks the Concierge is some kind of Geisha/hooker. Very awkward and very funny.

3. Moustache
I don't really like growing facial hair. I've never tried to grow a moustache, but I've tried to grow a beard, and I hate it. I think most moustaches look awful.

4. Whiteboard
At my last job, I had a large white board, and so did the other Proposal Writer. The other guy NEVER used his white board, and so I would mess with him, and when he wasn't at his desk, I'd leave pictures or to do lists. Like, "Milk, eggs, punch Andy in the face, 7 lbs of hamburger, wash car, fight crime, do dishes." Some of those are funnier because he was also vegan. I posted a couple times on whiteboard shenanigans, too.

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Hayley said...

A) I hate the word cream.
B) that word generator spelled mustache wrong.
C) I laughed at the 7 lbs of hamburger so hard. He probably hated you.