Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Strong opinions

I don't really have many super strong opinions... do I? First order of business: all y'all that read this blog, comment on and point out my strong opinions in the comments. Second order of business: I'll try to think harder. Third order of business: once you've read my opinions, share yours in the comments.

  • Opinion #1 - Orange is the best color. For EVERYTHING.
  • Opinion #2 - You shouldn't swear in a church, synagogue, or any place of worship. Show some dang respect. And if you do, even if it's at a basketball game for a ward that isn't even in my stake, I'll tell you to not swear in church.
  • Opinion #3 - Chubby people and spandex don't mix.
  • Opinion #4 - You should always have your wrist strap on when playing Wii. 
  • Opinion #5 - My wife is the best and my son is the cutest.
  • Opinion #6 - (late entry of my own, and so denoted in orangey-brown) I'm really bugged by people who post all sorts of crap/links on facebook complaining about the government, conspiracies, how awful education is, the evils of consumerism, the evils of capitalism, the evils of socialism, etc. and don't do anything but bitch about it on facebook. You look like an asshat if alls you're gonna do is whine about it and share obscure news articles. Are you doing anything about your zillion causes? Are you avidly writing your congressmen? Hosting rallies? If not, what is the point of all the doomsday sharing on facebook? (sorry for all the cussing on this one, but i'm not in a church, or other place of worship, so I excuse myself.)
  • Opinion #7 - (stolen from Caron, who also blogged her list of opinions) Before giving a chruch talk, I HATE when people say they didn't prepare, or didn't have time to prepare, or were called saturday night... sure you were busy or weren't given advance notice, but if you don't tell me that, I would never know and the spirit of doubt wouldn't have entered me, and I wouldn't hate your talk... just sayin'.
  • Opinion #8 - You don't need to wear your sunglasses inside. You aren't a rockstar.
That's really all I got... If I deem your comment to be a true strong opinion of mine, I'll add it to my list. :) Additions will be denoted in text of different colors.


Hayley said...

asshat. ha.

i'm sorry, i know a swear or two has escaped my mouth in church. but it is usually your fault.

i like you and your mild opinions. or maybe you feel strongly, but don't have to push them on other people. that's what bugs me. people that can't seem to allow others to have an opinion unless it is the same as yours or theirs. arg!

Jessica Sorensen said...

I like number 3 it reminds me of you and Jared in your wet suits when we went snorkeling on our cruise.

Katey said...

I feel like there are some that I should think of but can't. If I remember I will come back to this. I like this post!

Tori said...

I think #6 is a good one for you. I've heard you go off about that one before.
I'm sure I have plenty of strong opinions, but I have think...
Here's one - I (and Garth) make the cutest little girls EVER!!!! Don't try and fight me on this one because I will win every time! :)

Elizabeth Ward said...

I could be wrong but I think I've heard you voice a strong opinion on people who wear sunglasses inside.

PS I might be sorry for asking but what is an asshat?

caron said...

opinion a: I think this is a fantastic post and I think more people should do it
opinion b: I do like orange, but I am more partial to chocolate brown. This may have something to do with the actual name, or not.
opinion c: I'm with you on the swears, but I don't think they should be done anywhere, but especially in places of worship and in front of small children. I don't make it a habit to correct people unless it's way out of hand, partially because I hate confrontation and partially because I feel people need to have the freedom to act as they please without others breathing down their neck at how they are doing it wrong all the time.
opinion d: I adore your whole little family. I'll hang out with all y'all anytime.

Courtney said...

My favorite was your opinion #7. I hate that too. Recently a young woman in our ward got up and said, "Sorry to everyone because my talk totally sucks" and then went on to have a great talk. But her talk was ruined in my mind by her first statement. If she just got up and gave her talk without the crazy comment, nobody would have even questioned her.

garrett said...

Hayley - I'm sure a swear or two has escaped my lips in church before, too. I just feel the need to correct teenagers that swear in church.
Jessica - Oh, man... I looked so HOT in my undersized wetsuit! Oh wait, no I didn't...
Katey - You should do a post like this. You don't need to update your whole blog just to do this one. Just sayin'.
Tori - Ok, ok. Who doesn't think your girls are dang cute?!
Liz - Asshat (n.) 1)the imaginary garment warn by a person with one's head up one's ass (offensive). 2) a person said to be wearing an asshat (def. 1).
Caron - I like chocolate brown, too. We have an accent wall in our room that color. And you've probably needed to point out my swears a few times. Sorry about that
Courtney - see, that's how kids have interpreted what the adults are saying. They think it's ok to say their talk "totally sucks," because their parents think it's ok to point out that they didn't prepare.

Good stuff everyone!