Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A couple... seemingly ironic epiphanies

Today I had a couple of these. I'm not sure if epiphany is the right word, but that's all I can think of right now. They were little thoughts that came to me and suddenly seemed significant once I thought about them. So without any real explanation (because that's how they come anyway) here they are.

Americans go to Asian grocery stores to buy Asian food. Sometimes they buy Asian wafer cookies that are made to taste like American wafer cookies, but they don't. But Americans buy them anyway because they're Asian. And they need a desert for their sushi.

Three people I know live in the same apartment together. One guy is in a relationship that seems to have stagnated a little; but it continues and may or may not progress. One guy has plunged head in and is engaged to be married. One guy has just had a break-up... sorta. If someone wanted to write a short story about that with a little commentary on the dynamics of the relationships of modern 20-somethings, it'd probably be a good read.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band are games for boys. Girls who can play those games well are oddly intriguing. They're not odd girls, per se, but definitely oddly intriguing.

So that's it. Any of you have any weird thoughts that you just can't get over?


Christy said...

Hey, I know those three guys. And I'm a writer. Hmmm...

Bonny said...

I'm really good at guitar hero. Seriously.