Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm in NYC!!

Howdy folks! I'm writing my first blog post about my NYC trip from my hotel. I slept a little better on the plane than everyone else, so they are taking a nap and I'm checking email and writing this blog! I've only got a couple of pictures on here, so this will be relatively short, and it's missing pictures from the plane ride. But here's a few pictures anyway to let you know we made it alive.

This is Katey and I in SLC airport.

This is Elissa and I in the air train at the JFK airport.

This is Katey and Tiff on the subway on the way to our hotel.

This is me again, also on the subway.

We had to take a couple connecting trains and then walked about a mile to the hotel. It wasn't too bad, but we totally looked like tourists. We actually stopped at a McDonald's in Queens because everyone was STARVING. It really helped us make it all the way to the hotel!

Once we got here, they told us check-in time was at 3 p.m., so we could leave our bags if we wanted and come back to check in later. We thought about it, and everyone just wanted to sit. So we sat down, Tiff and Katey looked like they were going to nap right there, and I whipped out my laptop. The lady at the counter must have thought we were nuts and wanted us to leave, so she checked our rooms and sure enough, they were ready for us. There was a little confusion initially at check-in, but we got it solved and we're good to go!

We haven't done anything in NYC yet (and I informed the group that we ARE NOT to eat at McDonald's ever again on this trip), but I'm excited! I'll keep posting when I have time and if I'm not too tired. I might try a little post every night, because I snore and I will probably want to give everyone else a little time to fall asleep before I start snoring! Anyway, here we are in NYC!!! It doesn't seem like that far away, but I can't wait to see a few sites!

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